Frugi Easyfit Nappy Ellies in Wellies

Frugi Easyfit Nappy Ellies in Wellies


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Frugi Easyfit V4 Nappy - Ellies in Wellies

For these reusable cloth nappies, Frugi have teamed up with award-winning TotsBots; TotBots providing all the technical and practical solutions and Frugi taking care of the design of these cloth nappies.

The nappies is that they are one size, fitting babies from birth to toddler stage - 3.5kg to 16kg (8-35 lbs).  All you need to do is simply adjust the size using the poppers on the front and further fasten using the Velcro.  Pop-in booster included.

The outer elephant and duck print is 100% polyester with polyurethane laminate backing to ensure the nappy is waterproof. The inner fabric is minky (a soft polyester) whilst the fabric next to the skin is a 50-50 mix of cotton and viscose, so it's built for super absorption and kindness to the skin.

For wet nappies machine wash at 40 and for soiled nappies wash at 60 using a non-bio detergent washing powder. Do not use fabric conditioner or other additives as the absorption of the nappy will be affected and it may start to leak. Preferably hang out to dry, however, these can be tumble dried on a cool setting if necessary.

Made in Glasgow.

PS - the elephants aren't wearing wellies, the ducks are.  Presumably 'ellies in wellies' trips off the tongue better.