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Magic Maze
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Magic Maze


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Magic Maze is a brilliant co-operative game for 1-8 players. 

Age suitability: 8 (bright 8) to adult 

The premise behind it is the four characters, the magician, the warrior, the elf and the dwarf, have to find their way around the Magic Maze shopping mall, steal their weapons and then dash to the exit before the alarm goes off.  Whereas in most games, each character would be looked after by one player but in Magic Maze all the players are responsible for all the characters.  So one player has the power to move any of the characters to the left;  another can only move them to the right , another up and so on. So everybody has to keep an eye on every character and step in to help at the right time.  There are two snags though: you only have a limited time (a sand timer is going all the time) and you have to do it in silence.

When we played it, we failed, the game beat us, the first couple of times.  On the third attempt, we abandoned the No Talking rule and we were still beaten.  On the fourth though, we won but that was on the easiest level! 17 more levels to go.  It is certainly addictive. Each round only takes 15 minutes. 

Here's a review from Tom Vasel on Youtube: