Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla
Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla
Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla
Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla

Orchard Toys Greedy Gorilla


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A memory game that encourages healthy eating and good manners.

Everybody takes a playing board on which are six pictures of healthy foods.  The food cards are placed face down on the table.  The players then take it in turn to pick a card.  If a player picks a card showing one of the healthy foods on his board, he places it on his board.  If it doesn't match but it is still a healthy food, it goes back on the table face down.  If it is an unhealthy food (on a yellow background), it is fed to the gorilla who will burp after which all players must say 'excuse me'.  The winner is the player who fills his board first.

2-4 players

Age suitability: 4 - 8 years


Orchard Toys is a Norfolk-based company designing and making their games in-house. They have been going for years and have a reputation for producing good, honest games which are both fun and educational.  All the games are fully tested by teachers and of course by children so they are totally safe and dependable.

Most of the games are aimed at the 3-6 year olds.  To an adult the games will inevitably seem somewhat simplistic but they really know that age group so I never have any hesitation about recommending them.  Obviously children develop at different rates so some children may not be able to follow the instructions at first but that doesn't seem to matter as they enjoy playing with the colourful cards.  As the child develops, it isn't long before they fully appreciate the game and they benefit from the educational aspects whilst enjoying themselves.

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