How to make cloud dough

Cloud dough is so soft and silky and just lovely for kids to play with, squish, squidge and explore. It’s a real sensory experience for little ones because it’s so lovely to feel and touch. It’s made from cornflour and shaving foam so it smells wonderful too. It’s so quick and easy – perfect for filling in a quiet afternoon.

You will need: cornflour and white shaving foam

  1. Tip some cornflour into a shallow tray and squirt on some shaving foam. Mix together with a spoon at first and then with your fingers. Play about with the quantities - here we used half a cup of cornflour and one cup of shaving foam and then added more shaving foam until the mixture formed a soft dough we could pick up and model with. If you add too much shaving foam the mix gets really gloopy - just add more cornflour.
  2. Keep mixing until you can pick up the dough and mould it in your hands. It should stick together but still feel light and crumbly.
  3. Now play - have fun making models - of little snowmen perhaps or of polar bears - or just have fun enjoying the feel and wonderful scent of this soft as clouds dough.

Source: Netmums