About Us

Welcome to Primary Colours

Hello. I'm William Stuttaford and welcome to our website. I hope you like it and will go on to buy something from us. Please let us know what you think about this website or, indeed, any aspect of our business, both good and bad. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Primary Colours was started by Jennie and Adrian Pearson in 2005. Whilst running a successful art gallery in Lyme Regis at the time, they thought that Lyme could do with a good quality children’s clothes and toy shop which is just what they created. In 2011, Margrethe and I took over. We have added new brands and, with the launch of this new website, we hope to reach out beyond Lyme and spread the good news.

Our shop is only a little shop but we do fill it with a huge range of children’s clothes, from newborn to 12 years old, and a smaller range of good toys. Many of our customers are holiday makers and we often hear them calling us an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ and saying they wish there was a shop like ours on their high street. We take great pride in being unlike your typical high street chain store and because we are independent, we can stock it with exactly what we want.

The clothes we stock are clothes in which we would dress our own children. So firstly, we look for clothes that are well-designed and well-made. Children should grow out of them before they wear them out. Though it may be bad for business, we want clothes that you can hand down to younger brothers or sisters. Secondly, the clothes must be both children and parent-friendly; so they must be comfortable and practical as well as being easy to wash. Thirdly, we want children to look like children. We like bright, happy designs. Finally, value for money is important. We believe you get what you pay for and there is no point in paying more than you get. So we do not stock fancy brands where you pay as much for the name as you do for the clothes. Instead we have a range of mid-market brands. Each of us here has slightly different tastes and preferences and we all have confidence in what we stock. We hope you like them as much as we do.

We are very sorry but our insurance policy does not cover sales outside the EU, so sadly we can not send goods outside Europe.