You’ve Got Bugzz In Your Wellies!

In wintertime here in Lyme, we often get in bedraggled children who have tried to jump the waves in their wellies and now have cold wet feet. In these cases, we recommend Bugzz.

They are a little thicker and warmer than most socks and they have ‘sticky spots’ on their soles for safe play inside. Although they are not long enough to fold over the top of wellies (unlike Joules welly socks), they are warm and cosy and children love the bright cheerful designs.

Children love all the creative designs – frogs, football, ladybirds, bees, dinosaurs, fire chief, pirate, shark, sheep, butterflies, fairies, flowers and horses – all available in the shop and online. The best part is they’re only £5 a pair!

Available for ages 1 – 7 years. Made from 79% Cotton, 20% Polyamide and 1% Lycra Elastane.