Pigeon Organics' Made In England Range Is Making A Comeback

The entire Pigeon Organics baby range used to be made by a small, family-run factory in Nottingham. They had worked with them since the beginning and they were very proud to be supporting the local textile sector and workers. 

However, in June 2013 the factory very sadly closed its doors for the last time (tragic for everyone concerned, particularly the fantastic machinests) and they were unable to find suitable alternative manufacturers in the UK. 

But now there’s good news…

The lovely Pigeon Organics has found a way to restart making their organic rompers in the UK. Yes - the main factory closed down, but they’ve been working with the founder’s son and a few machinists to keep on making some of the range in England.

They have decided to make a ‘capsule’ range each season which is entirely made in the UK (the badger/ditsy range for AW15). Until now, they’ve been working from a (very nice) converted garage, but they are about to sign the lease on a small factory building – a lovely converted stable building!

They’ll continue making some of the range overseas, but they are committed to making as much as they possibly can here (and certainly the small ‘capsule’ range each season).