Save our hedgehogs in Wild About Gardens Week

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has teamed up with The Wildlife Trusts and The RHS for a hedgehogs campaign during this year's Wild About Gardening Week from October 26th.

Two years ago, research compiled by 25 wildlife organisations found that 60 percent of the 3,148 UK animal and plant species assessed have declined in the past 50 years for a range of reasons including loss of habitat.

Did you know that adult hedgehogs can travel over a mile in one night? That’s why Wild About Gardens Week is urging us to cut small archways - just over five inches high - in wooden fences for them to pass from garden to garden.

A template for this, and instructions for making a hedgehog house, can be downloaded from  You can also download advice on helping hedgehogs.

There is even a competition to design the best hedgehog home on the website, with prizes for the best school design, best group and best individually-made house, with a closing date of November.

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