Bold Print From Smafolk

We love the bold prints from Smafolk! It’s a fabulous Danish company designing bright and cheerful children's clothes, often with a slight 1970's feel.

This unisex green cow bodysuit has an all-over print of a rather flirtatious-looking cow on a darkish green background, and the turquoise tractor bodysuit has an all-over print of a Big Blue Tractor on a lovely turquoise background! The pink elephants bodysuit has an all over pattern of a Big Purple Elephant on a background of lovely warm bright pink. 

This brilliantly bold tractor t-shirt has an all-over Big Blue Tractor print. It’s certainly a design for those boys (or girls) who want to stand out from the crowd. The cheerful dino baby t-shirt, covered in Apatosaurus and Triceratops, is a rich blue colour with a contrasting yellow trim around the sleeves and neck.