Basic Cooking Skills To Teach Under Fives

Cooking is a fantastic activity to do with your children: they can learn and practice a whole range of skills and it gives them an understanding of food and where it all comes from. But even more important than that, it's one of the most fun, therapeutic and bonding activities you can do.

Being able to cook is a great skill to have. And whilst it can sometimes feel like a chore to adults, it's an exciting and fun activity for children. Start by teaching your child these basic cooking skills, and with a little patience, you could soon having a budding chef in the family.  

  1. Buttering a slice of bread
  2. Cracking eggs by tapping the centre of the egg over the rim of a small bowl, and then using thumbs to pull the two halves apart
  3. Decorating fairy cakes or biscuits – spreading on the icing butter or just adding the sprinkles and toppings
  4. Kneading and rolling out dough using a rolling pin
  5. Cutting shapes out using cookie cutters
  6. Using a sieve – by holding it over a larger bowl and gently shaking 
  7. Cutting soft fruit or vegetables, such as a banana, with a non sharp knife
  8. Grating cheese – especially good if you’ve got a rotary grater
  9. Crushing biscuits for bases or non cook chocolate recipes – in a plastic bag with a rolling pin 
  10. Rubbing in butter and flour for crumble.
  11. Crushing garlic in a garlic press
  12. Greasing and lining cake tins
  13. Mashing bananas with the back of a fork for banana bread/cake
  14. Mashing potato with a potato masher
  15. Peeling vegetables with a vegetable peeler

Source: Netmums