A Parent’s Guide To Leaf Threading

This leaf threading activity from The Mud Kitchen is a brilliant way for children to to engage with Nature, get creative and develop their motor skills at the same time.

It’s quick and easy to set up and it’s virtually free because it uses natural materials you can find in the garden.

An added bonus with leaf threading is that it also provides a wonderful sensory experience for kids as they explore the sight, feel and smells of this activity.

First go outside with a small bag or basket and let your children help to choose and collect sticks and leaves of different sizes, shapes and colours. Bring them home and give them a quick rinse and dry.

Start threading leaves using simple “needles” by tying a length of jute twine between two sticks as shown in the picture below.

Having a stick on either end of the jute twine stops the leaves from falling off and allows two children to work together too, using one end each.

Children can enjoy pushing their natural stick needles through the leaves and threading them onto the jute twine, simultaneously holding the leaf with one hand and pushing the stick with the other.

Hand-eye co-ordination is strengthened and the fine motor muscles of the hands and arms are given a good work out.

For ways to stretch and extend this leaf threading activity for different ages and abilities, visit The Mud Kitchen.