Handprint Snowman Baubles For Christmas

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to create special decorations or give unique Christmas gifts, this handprint snowman bauble idea from instructables.com is for you.

We came across this idea on Pinterest and knew Primary Colours fans would love it (if you’re not already following us on Pinterest, find us at https://uk.pinterest.com/primarycoloursc).

What you will need:

  • A small person’s hand
  • Several different paint colours (water-based acrylic is safe)
  • A small paint brush
  • Round Christmas bauble
  • Piece of ribbon or pretty string for hanging
  • Krylon Lacquer or other sealant
  • Paint tray (optional)


  • Take your white paint and put a dab of it on your little ones hand.
  • Spread the paint all over his hand. You want to work pretty quickly so the paint won’t dry on his hand.
  • Place the bulb in your child’s hand and push his fingers in a grip around it.

It only takes a few seconds then remove his fingers without smudging the paint. If your child is old enough then you can just have him release the bulb.

  • Leave your bauble to rest in a small jar for a few until it is dry to the touch (see picture).
  • Once your bulb is dry begin painting the faces on the finger tips of your child’s hand print. Next paint the carrot nose and follow that with the hat and scarf.
  • Let the paint dry again for a few then do the snow! Dab the tip of your paint brush in your white paint and tap it all over your bulb.
  • Once your bulb is dry to the touch you will want to seal it. Use the spray lacquer very lightly. You can do several separate coats but don’t put it on too thick because it may make the paint on your bulb run and ruin it all together.
  • Finally, add your ribbon and hang it somewhere special!