Summer Bored Jar Activity Ideas

Children look forward to the Summer Holidays all year round and it is a great time of year for family fun. However as much as you plan, it’s difficult to keep them entertained and occupied the whole time.

It’s wonderful when children can spend summer outdoors with friends, playing football, cricket, cycling and just generally having fun out and about. But on those days when there’s “nothing to do” a bored jar is ideal. We love the ideas from MumInTheMadHouse.

You can have a bored jar to suit all ages and types of child. They can pick their own activities to go into the jar and it can be a useful tool to help them avoid sitting at a screen all day when the weather is miserable.

Getting the children to write out slips of paper with activity ideas for the bored jar is a fun thing to do in itself. However if you need a head start, download this printable from MumInTheMadHouse.