Tissue Transfer Art For Kids

Tissue Transfer Art is a really simple process that even a 5-year-old could do all on his/her own, and you end up with a final product that looks like a beautiful art piece! This idea comes from itsalwaysautumn.com.

All you need to make tissue transfer art is tissue paper, a canvas, and a spray bottle.

Use the spray bottle to get the canvas fairly wet. Cut tissue paper into desired shapes and place them on the canvas.

You can put them in a single layer, or overlap them for more of a colour mix. Spray a little more water on top of the tissue paper, then wait 20 minutes.

Remove the wet tissue paper and let the canvas dry completely. The colours will bleed from the tissue paper onto the canvas, creating a pretty watercolour effect.

The colours may continue to blend and seep into the canvas for a little while after the tissue paper is removed, so the final project looks even more impressive when it’s completely dry.

The texture of the canvas panel really makes this look like a work of art!