Eugy Armadillo 3D Cardboard Model Kit


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Eugy models are a range of highly collectable toys, beautifully designed in New Zealand.

Building these cute and adorable 3D animals is straightforward but absorbing.  It generally takes 20-30 minutes to do.

Each pack contains seven pieces of cardboard and a tube of PVA glue. 

1) Push out the numbered cardboard pieces and lay them out in order in front of you.

2) Start with the central piece (L1 or R1).  Insert the crossbar (but don't glue it) and, using it as a guide, and glue on the next piece (L2 or R2). Layer up the pieces in numerical order, putting a little glue between each layer.  It's a little fiddly but also very satisfying as you see the animal taking shape.  Take care to put the pieces on in the right order as once the glue sets, you can't rectify any mistakes.

3) When you've finished one side, turn over, push the crossbar through and layer up the other side.


When you've finished, you will have made a good, solid animal with lovely detailing.  So the koala is grasping a piece of eucalyptus, the whale is spouting a plume of water, the rabbit comes with its carrot.

Age suitability: 6+ although younger children may need a little adult help to get started.  We have found though that adults also enjoy making them, so buy one for all the family and enjoy a good family bonding session (sorry for the pun).

Sustainable.  The cardboard can be recycled.  The glue is water-based and non-toxic.  The ink is rice-based.  They are working on making the plastic glue tube and eyes more eco-friendly.


Not for children under 36 months. Small bits. Choking hazard.