Histoire d'Ours Panda 20cm

Histoire d'Ours Panda 20cm


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Everyone loves a panda and this one is just so unbelievably soft.

He comes in a smart presentation box.

20cm tall.

Suitable from birth.

100 % polyester.

Washable at 30C.


Doudou et Companie, of which Histoire d'Ours is one of their marques,  are a French designer of soft toys.  Located on the outskirts of Paris, they have been making top-quality toys for over twenty years. 


Whilst they are more expensive than many other makes, we like them for two reasons.  Firstly soft toys are meant to be cuddled and so Doudou use the softest imaginable fabrics.  One day we will do a blind test against other makes over here but I would bet on Doudou winning every time. Secondly Doudou appreciate that their toys will be chewed, slobbered over, hurled around and dragged from one place to another by their little owners, so they craft them well, making them safe, long-lasting and washable.

20cm tall.

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