Maintenant Diversity Deck - Technosphere II

Maintenant Diversity Deck - Technosphere II


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Play nine fun card games with each pack of cards.  

The cards all have an science/sustainabilty theme, so most  feature the Earth's Spheres (the Magnetosphere, Hydrosphere, Cryosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Technosphere) whereas others are about animals, bactereia and inspirational people, the aim being to educate children as they play the games.  After playing them, they can go onto the website and learn more about the subject on each card.  

Each Diversity Deck contains 45 beautifully illustrated cards in a handy tin.

The cards are cleverly designed so that you can play a wide range of games with them.  These games vary in complexivity from Rock, Paper, Scissors (suitable for 4 year olds) through to 17 Goals (a form of Black Jack suitable for 8 year olds).

The games are :

Rock Paper Scissors (4+),

Calamity Game (4+) - like Old Maid,

Be an Elephant (5+), a memory matching game,

Free from (5+), be the first to get rid of your cards by matching pictures or numbers,

Snaffle It (6+), win the most points by playing cards with the same picture but with different points,

Happy Diversity (6+) - like Happy Families,

Double Snap (7+),

17 Goals (8+) - like Black Jack

Pyramid Solitaire (8+)

The games are the same for each tin.